Color Me Mine To Go . . .

Color Me Mine To Go
Announcing Our Most Convenient Location of All... Your Place! Simply come into the studio
and pick out the pieces you want. Bring your finished pieces back to the studio for glazing
and firing. Within days you'll be giving out the treasures created by your guests. So next time
you need to think up a great party idea, don't worry...IT WILL COME TO YOU!!!

We're Always Ready To Party. . .
Corporate Events, Bridal Showers, House Warming Parties, Baby Showers, Anniversaries,
Fundraisers, Birthdays, Holidays, or just to have fun...

A To-Go Kit includes a 3 day check out time period with an assortment of brushes, 8
colors, and the firing of 8 pieces.

$50 + 1~8 piece(s)

If you only want 8 colors, but would like additional pieces, no problem! The
additional firing of each piece over the included 8 is $3.

Click below to request a To Go Party online!


Studio Address & Phone:
Color Me Mine
602 Santa Cruz Ave.
Menlo Park, California 94025

650-328-4486 Phone
Studio Hours:
Sunday 11 - 7
Monday 11 - 7
Tuesday 11 -7
Wednesday 11 - 9
Thursday 11 - 9
Friday 11 - 9
Saturday 11 - 9
** Make sure to check out our Monthly Events page for closed studios and hour changes ** Last pickup and seating is an hour before closing to ensure that you have an enjoyable painting experience. If running closer to closing, call before, to ensure that a staff member is available. We may be subject to close an hour early if no one is in the studio.
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