Activities For Adults . . .

Painting is for EVERYONE!
It does't matter if you are 1 or 90! Painting is a wonderful way to express yourself through creativity. There are techniques all around the studio, so anyone is able to paint. Painting ceramics is a lot different then painting a canvas, not only do the colors change after firing, but you are able to actually use your creation! If you paint a plate, bowl, mug, frame, etc., you are able to have it in your home and use it on a daily basis. How fun is that?!

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Color Me Mine
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Studio Hours:
Sunday 11 - 7
Monday 11 - 7
Tuesday 11 -7
Wednesday 11 - 9
Thursday 11 - 9
Friday 11 - 9
Saturday 11 - 9
** Make sure to check out our Monthly Events page for closed studios and hour changes ** Last pickup and seating is an hour before closing to ensure that you have an enjoyable painting experience. If running closer to closing, call before, to ensure that a staff member is available. We may be subject to close an hour early if no one is in the studio.
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